Welcome to desdeo-tools’ documentation!

This package contains generic tools and design language used in the DESDEO framework. For example, it includes classes for interacting with optimization methods implemented in desdeo-mcdm and desdeo-emo, and tools for solving a representation of a Pareto optimal front for a multiobjective optimization problem.


See pyproject.toml for Python package requirements.


To install and use this package on a *nix-based system, follow one of the following procedures.

For users

First, create a new virtual environment for the project. Then install the package using the following command:

$ pip install desdeo_tools

For developers

Download the code or clone it with the following command:

$ git clone https://github.com/industrial-optimization-group/desdeo-tools

Then, create a new virtual environment for the project and install the package in it:

$ cd desdeo-tools
$ poetry init
$ poetry install

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